(ALBUM): Quentin Miller – Q.M.


(ALBUM): Quentin Miller has a new project acronym titled Q.M. Zip File

Miller is an Atlanta rapper, currently part of a group called WDNG Crshrs. It is apparent through social media (most notably OVO Ryan and PARTYNEXTDOOR) that Miller has some connection to Drake and his OVO crew, in addition to writing credits on a handful of songs on Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, though to what capacity is unknown.

Miller formerly went by the stage name of Milla, releasing the mixtapes “Recreational Activities” and “Max’s Endeavors” on his Tumblr page. After switching over to Quentin Miller, he released the mixtape “Hey Thanks Alot,” as well as “Hey Thanks Alot 2,” and on December 23 of 2015, QM released “Hey Thanks Alot 3” to his Soundcloud, with production from Hit Boy, and a feature from Vic Mensa.


01. Quentin Miller – Cold Day in Hell…

02. Quentin Miller – High Speed Chase…

03. Quentin Miller – Hot N’ Cold

04. Quentin Miller – Wwtd Interlude…

05. Quentin Miller – _A_ (feat. Pe$o)

06. Quentin Miller – Arkham Asylum… (feat. Hit-Boy)

07. Quentin Miller – Values… (feat. Soundz)

08. Quentin Miller – The Source…

09. Quentin Miller – Bank!!!

10. Quentin Miller – Scenic Route… (feat. TheCoolisMac)

11. Quentin Miller – Closing Statements…

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