Drake Prepares UK Series “Fire In The Booth” With Some Bars


Drake Prepares To Cause Lyrical Mayhem UK Series “Fire In The Booth” With Some Bars

Drake’s love of the UK has been well evidenced, particularly since the Snatch-esque vibes of 2017’s More Life. Now, it would appear that the Scorpion rapper is giving back to the culture, laying down an appearance on the upcoming freestyle series “Fire In The Booth,” which airs on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

“I need to drop a special Fire In The Booth,” says series host DJ Charlie Sloth, via IG. “But I don’t know. All the best rappers in the UK have done it. I’m thinking I need the best rapper in the world to do it.” He proceeds to pan the camera, strategically revealing a smiling, beard-stroking Drake. Sloth proceeds to channel Lil Jon circa 2002 with a hearty cry of “OKAY!”

At the end, Sloth reveals a release date for the upcoming installment, which is set to pop off sooner than later: July 14th, this Saturday, 9PM.

Stay Tuned here for the full release but peep at this below!!!


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