Papoose – In My Feelings (Remix)


Papoose has a special music line for Remy Ma on Drake’s Scorpion In My Feelings (Remix)

Papoose’s new remix to Drake’s “In My Feelings.” and also Papoose has been all over the news these past couple days, but not for his music but rather his ongoing feud with 50 Cent. The two NYC rappers have exchanged a serious of jabs & shots at one another on Instagram over the defense of Remy’s new skinny-looking image.

One of the fan favorites from Drake‘s new Scorpion album is undoubtedly “In My Feelings.” Though until now we haven’t heard anybody remix the record, Papoose is taking the first stab at it and dedicating it to a special someone.

Also titled “Black Love,” Pap sends the track out to his wife Remy Ma, who is now pregnant with their child. He talks about how long he’s loved her, why she means so much to him and all of the reasons she’s a keeper.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Papoose – In My Feelings (Remix)