Lil Wop – Silent Hill (EP)


Lil Wop delivers a scary like body of art called Silent Hill (EP)

Lil Wop has released a new EP called Silent Hill (as in the scary video game).

But, the EP’s sound is cohesive from start to finish which is impressive, considering how it was released.

Three hours later he tweeted that “dis EP I’m finna drop tonight sounding like a album hold on now.” A couple more hours passed and now we have the new Lil Wop EP. What’s also remarkable about these songs is the way they stretch out.


Bride Of Chucky
Dawn of the Dead
Hills Has Eyes
The Ring
I’m Back
Gang Way (feat. Big Adolf)
Do or Die (feat. JDA Mook)
Grim Reaper

DOWNLOAD ZIP: Lil Wop – Silent Hill (EP)